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Why Silicon Valley is not in Germany

Why Silicon Valley is not in Germany

The longer term was invented in California, not in Germany. An entrepreneur and venture capitalist with two acquainted areas call for numerous causes to beat.

There are several explanation why the German venture capital business is still considerably smaller than its California counterpart, and why so many gifted Germans are shifting to the USA. Discovered from DW interviews with Matthias Ockenfels, a Enterprise Capitalist (VC) in Berlin, who beforehand worked in California, and Pascal Zuta, a service provider who lives in San Francisco but spent ten years establishing numerous corporations in Berlin.

"We [in Germany] still have a path ahead of us to develop a culture of full-venture venture-funded entrepreneurship," Pascal Zuta says. "On the other hand, the German culture of perfectionism also has advantages in some areas."

The German authorities additionally needs to strengthen and encourage a founding culture. The semi-state "High-Tech Gründerfonds" (HTGF) invests in start-ups in areas including software program, media, Internet, hardware, power and automation, life sciences (medical know-how, diagnostics, biotechnology) and chemistry.

The California Dream ”

Zuta of California states that the environment of inspirational optimism is the rationale why many young emigration entrepreneurs and risk-takers, engineers and programmers from Germany come there. California tradition accepts or even celebrates enterprise setbacks and failures; they’re understood as opportunities to "grow" and adapt to new start-up preparations at the next launch.

"In Germany, knowledge is often favored by anyone who says 'this is wrong'. And most often it is wrong – so it is right. In Germany, the plan is to look for all abilities, but the entrepreneurship you do in the end remain flexible to take advantage of opportunities. "

As well as, in California, wages and dwelling costs are virtually 3 times greater. Internet, you can save significantly extra for those who work as an engineer or programmer in San Francisco or Silicon Valley, like Germany, Zuta. That's why California has so many Germans Engineers and businessmen – a minimum of 60,000.

Matthias Ockenfels Head of the Berlin Investment Agency of the Enterprise Capital Firm of Vienna.

kenfels Particularly, the a lot larger pool of skilled enterprise angels in California is an necessary issue, and it is not in Germany.

In enterprise language, an "angel" investor who is not knowledgeable venture capitalist, enterprise capitalist, however a mentor to the founding staff and a source of cash for early-stage venture funding. "If there is something that Germany needs more than everyone else, it is a larger group of experienced angels who built themselves successful businesses and the exits have achieved," Zuta says. "The Angel and the Founder Make Up the Ecosystem."

Every part for the "Exit"

VC Jargon, Exit, "" a long-awaited event that everybody aspires to: the day the corporate is bought and the shareholder is paid: angels and enterprise capital corporations; who funded it, and the founder.

A great angel works intently with the founders and provides you not solely money but in addition sensible advice and helpful contacts. A superb angel can forestall a young entrepreneur from making a newbie's mistake that might lead to business failure.

Zuta, 41, is self-taught. He has a lot of profitable "exits" (but in addition a couple of failures) in the fields from movie manufacturing to e-commerce, video games and a physician appointment website. He is at present the founder and CEO of GYANT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mostly firm in San Francisco to enhance asynchronous communication between patients and hospitals by way of telemedicine.

Matthias Ockenfels, 34, is a associate at Speedinvest, a venture capital fund in Vienna with workplaces in several European cities and San Francisco to boost money from American enterprise capital companies. Head of the Berlin office of Ockenfels Berlin. Velocity ​​Make investments invests mainly in Europe, however typically European corporations locate in the US market – which is sensible as a result of the North American market is large and unified, whereas the European market is still fragmented by many various cultures and languages: "A lot of US customers and downstream investors . American clients and investors are easier to find when the founders move their headquarters to get there – and you move to California yourself. "

An instance of the Berlin Startup scene, the young company Jobspotting is.

Borrowing Money with Pals

Europe offers numerous design and programming expertise, and Europe typically has cheaper, extremely certified individuals than California, which is why established European corporations do, Typically a big a part of their design work continues in Europe when the founders moved their company headquarters to the USA.

VC factors out that enterprise capital corporations are the only source of finance for start-ups. "Many entrepreneurs leverage other sources of finance, such as banks, family members and friends or customers," says Ockenfels. “We see over 5,000 investment opportunities per yr with Fast Investment, however all of our funds invest in solely about 25 startups per yr. If a enterprise investor rejects your case, because of this your small business might not be profitable or your know-how doesn't make sense, however solely that it does not apply to enterprise capitalists. "

Berlin – Little Silicon Valley

Pascal Zuta says that California has many benefits for the founder, however for extra beneficiant terms venture capital, not donors like Germany, consists of:" In each nations, entrepreneurs can anticipate to have to surrender 15% of the corporate's share capital. “Because California has much more enterprise capital and complicated enterprise angels than Germany, it is easier for California cussed entrepreneurs to earn a living.

Zuta and Ockenfels say that Germany, in the meantime, is building a promising founder ecosystem in the capital. Berlin is clearly the Zuta middle for German enterprise capitalists and startups, and it was good: “We have to build an ecosystem, a crucial mass of angels, enterprise capitalists and startup entrepreneurs, and this city is Berlin. He has now stated that his international fame is a cool, hip, cheap metropolis with a energetic start-up. We should always recognize it and build on it. “

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    By: Grit Hofmann