Latest Mac Patch Patch Notes PC The Sims 4 update

New update + patch! (April 16, 2019)

New update + patch! (January 31, 2019)

The Sims group has launched a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Mac!

You possibly can obtain the newest model of The Sims four simply by opening the Origin program and if the game just isn’t up to date mechanically, click on The Sims 4 and choose “Update”.

If in case you have Mods or Custom Content, the sport can be routinely closed to you when The Sims 4 was first launched after the improve. To re-enable all Mods and Custom Content settings, choose Settings from the menu and select Settings. Within the "Other" section, you'll find "Enable Custom Content and Mods". Examine it and restart the sport to take effect!

Update: 4/16/2019 – PC / Mac

Completely happy April, Simmers. Good to satisfy you! Maxis employed me as a freelance writer to work with these recreation update info. (Aspect word – in the event you find an issue, please SimGuruGraham – he is my journalist.) Truthfully, it's a reasonably candy gig. I saw a new Enlargement Pack, a Recreation Pack and a Stuff Pack that the group is engaged on, and Did you know that they bring about bagels on Fridays? But hey, sufficient of me. As a result of I’m a freelancer, I'll go once more, before you already know it.

Anyway, funny coincidence; this update brings a brand new Freelancer profession that is free for all players. I performed it earlier than, and I’m going to the image … my Sim myself deserves extra money as a contract writer than me! Ge & # 39; ez; Guess I’ve to reside fantasies so I can get rich again via The Sims. In addition to the brand new, free options, I’ve to say that these SimGuru actually fell out of the park with this. Take a look at all those fantastic fixes for a lot of of crucial group issues discussed!

Properly, let's go there? Here's all concerning the April update.

Yours Really,

Sue D. Nym

Freelance Author Extraordinaire


Freelancer Profession

Freelancer is a brand new profession sort. Sims might be chosen as a contract artist, programmer or Author, and works via an office that connects them with totally different gigs. In contrast to different careers, no work schedule is outlined to maintain yourself. Need extra Simoleons? Smash by means of a couple of gigs in someday and receives a commission! Do you need outing? No drawback – numerous gigs await you once you're prepared to go back to work. Your workplace is anyplace. Perhaps a peaceable corner in your native library, or perhaps you favor a new workplace furniture case? You’re your personal boss, so the selection is yours! Gigs in several businesses lead to totally different rewards and ever-increasing pay. Actually, it's the perfect Sims career Maxis ever. [Sue, please… remove this. No editorializing. – SimGuruGraham]

New gadgets

This free set of residence workplace furniture and interiors is right for growing freelancer Sims

  • Bookcase: Edgier LadderCase
  • Desk: Anglette Desk
  • Desktop Chair: Professional
  • Ultimate Desk: Cute Angletti
  • Decoration: Not so Simple Pen Holder
  • Decoration: Handheld Mannequin
  • Decoration: Robo, Pleasant Circuit Set
  • Ornament: Notebook
  • Laptop computer: FreeRoam Laptop computer Pc
  • Wall Decor: Higher Than a Pawn
  • Wall Decor: Supreme Freelancer Award

New Garments

Freelancers need nice but professional outfits.

  • Ladies
    • Ladies's
      • Sweater and Skirt Outfit
      • Layered Sweater
      • Condominium
      • Couples [r]
    • Men's Shirt
    • Shirt
    • Button up shirt
    • Crew Neck
    • Pull Lure

Moschino [1965927] Moschino

Moschino, your Sims can now benefit from the Moschino X The Sims capsule collection. The new Freezer Hoodie may be discovered within the Create Sim record.

Immaculate White Shelf

I might have buried this within the Fixes & Updates section, but … it's an enormous deal. "Immaculate" shelf now has a simple white version obtainable in Purchase mode!

  • [Note to self: Sue seemed super excited about this. It sure seems like something we should do more of… – SimGuruGraham]


The Sims 4

  • Sims travels to the proper place when he’s referred to as
  • Fastened a problem where the interface sometimes indicated that Sim was working once they have been actually at house , which might forestall access to Simi's listing.
    • Notice: If the storage file before creating this update is Sim, which is already in this dangerous state, simply going to another batch with Sim to completely repair this drawback.
  • Sims not receives random calls from other Sims
  • Fastened situation where multiple music tracks might find yourself spinning and enjoying simultaneously.
  • Expected Mother and father Will Be In a position Again ”Take your loved ones depart in your telephone
  • Fastened a problem where Sim, who had been dishonest with one other Simon romanticly, could not efficiently suggest this Sim and get married.
  • Fastened concern where Sims eSport Gamer's Tech Tech Guru didn’t earn money in online game programming.
  • The Decide Up Serving Collectively perform not causes somebody from the accompanying Sims to flee the route to food. The Sketchpad object would disappear if Sim's actions have been canceled once they picked up Digitalistic Sketchpad
  • An updated Digitalistic Sketchpad object to create work to fulfill Aspiration Objectives and painting-related work tasks.
  • Fastened an issue with Lin-Z Sensible Speaker, where the interaction with hiring a gardener wouldn’t be selectable despite the fact that there was a backyard at house that wanted maintenance.
  • Sims is now reviewing Lin-Z Smartia Speaker when he speaks to it
  • The "Pre-Advertising Painter", opened by means of the Painter profession, now presents an inspiring emotional plow as an alternative of a targeted emotional plow
  • Fastened an issue the place the stairs weren’t [19659017] Up to date finding of duplicate search and reset buttons in the record of the player in Gallery.
  • Customized icons for Lunar New Yr recipes to point out you better what you’re on the lookout for
  • The Yin & Yang necklace for teenagers not cuts his neck when he's sporting a shirt.
  • The "CleanRoom" wall model, which previously lacked the identify of the fifth colour choice, is now
    • Right here, in fact, is the only instance of a recreation with a singular identify for a colour conversion. Huh… neat!
  • Added capacity to click on on totally different packaging supplies in the primary menu over any installed package deal.
  • A new content material alert icon has been added to particular person tracks Select within the career panel to permit players to seek out new careers which were added to their recreation.
  • Deleted an obsolete file that brought about false error messages to 64-bit Mac customers who stated "The Sims 4" just isn’t optimized for Mac and have to be


  • work although StrangerVille just isn’t installed.
  • The "Chemical Analyzer" object can now be bought to be used as a rip-off.
  • Fastened an issue By choosing Randomize from Gallery until you get an alien Sim, and then randomizing this specific Sim, it could possibly lead to a nude alien Sim.
  • to an inventory of valid gadgets that can be chosen because of SimRay

City Life

  • A hard and fast drawback where objects from a number of festivals appeared on prime of each other on the similar time.
  • Landlords of the condo depart the house as soon as he has filed a tenant's grievance
  • Added to Sims the power to rent a vegetarian waiter by clicking on ovens or refrigerators.
  • Vegetarian Sims is not allowed to eat Mud Carpia.

Cats and Canine

  • Update, Sims, who takes the animal together with his associates, can turn out to be a companion with them and lecture them for abuse.
    • Word: Sims who’ve already accepted animation with al-friends before the storage file created by this update will continue to have this drawback.
  • Fastened a problem the place hungry pets don’t eat meals cups independently
    • We now have positioned accountable magic dwarves alongside SimGuruNinja
  • Fastened challenge the place "Litter- Matic Scoop-Free "litterbox did not look clean when the cat poop was removed.
  • Fastened a problem with the Pet Approval Agency, the place they often appeared in Simi's house without taking pets, and


  • Updated gardening career so that Sims earns over 10 Simoleon per job.
  • Fastened an issue the place on days the place no vacation was set to occur, Simi's work schedule ule would update incorrectly to point out that the day was a trip just before work, when Sim stayed residence for the day.
  • Fastened difficulty where NPC Sims didn’t use skating skates in certain neighborhoods independently
  • Young children not attempt to queue conduct in "Run Inside" mode during dangerous climate if they are already inside.
  • Fastened difficulty the place Sims voices couldn’t be heard whereas singing across the Vacation Tree surroundings Metropolis Dwelling was not installed.

Get Well-known

  • Works as a Career Perform "Get Into Hair and Makeup" may be carried out successfully again.
  • Fastened challenge the place superstar Sims was set to use regular Walkstyle moved back to movie star fashion on the best way to sure places.
  • Three-star superstar Sims not makes use of movie star walkstyle

Dine Out

  • Players with Metropolis Dwelling put in can now add Siopao and Ensaymada dishes to their menu.


  • After putting in this update, the created Vampire Sims continues to be capable of earn factors after it has reached the Grand Grasp.
    • Observe: Present vampires are still experiencing problems getting points after the Grand Master arrives.
  • Fastened sure circumstances the place Vampire NPCs might seem on the spot and stop the player from enjoying.
  • The problem with NPC Vampires can be to empty the Vampire Power after the load has ceased, which as an alternative of being idle, resulted in its anticipated unbiased conduct.


  • Fastened a problem where Sims, which had been distributed in Gallery after StrangerVille program passed Regulation 1, was prevented from shifting in secret when it was downloaded from Gallery to a brand new recreation. permit placement in batches. Players should enter bb.showhiddenobjects cheat before they appear in the record.
    • 10 totally different cacti
    • 3 totally different Joshua timber
    • three totally different RVs
    • 2 stones
    • 2 rubbish
    • 2 19659017] A gaggle of desert flowers
    • Ring
    • Ring [19659017] Parking Cease
  • Applicable pictures of army employees and covert operators have been added.
  • ] The "Spores in Lab" question was removed for Sims, who has already acquired a modified Hazmat Go well with.
  • Deleted "Package Heart" Fashion Look Create Sim because it’s written using solely these garments which might be only out there
  • Updated important menu package deal info panel in order that it doesn’t present objects underneath world development spaces

My First Pet Stuff

  • Fastened a problem where a rodent removing / gross sales behavior may trigger the game u

Vacation Celebration Pack

  • The Crown Roast album now exhibits a partially fed state when half of its dose is taken.

I need to regulate the wording right here, as a result of this drawback was not special for misleading pets and may be confusing. A failure occurred when you turned pals together with your pet earlier than the Undertake interaction. You should turn out to be buddies with Undertake to make them obtainable in low mild, however some users encountered this by taking their computer-approved pet set a couple of occasions earlier than you hit Accept.

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