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Guide to accessibility features on your Chromebook

Guide to Accessibility Features for a Chromebook

In case you are having hassle reading textual content, viewing or displaying certain colors, Chrome OS has accessibility features in seams designed to provide help to. You possibly can manage them one by one from the system menu or from a setup program based mostly on their day by day duties.

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Ease of Use

The Best Approach You’ll be able to enable / disable any room reservation for accessibility with out having to open software settings at any time instantly from the system menu. That is disabled by default, so you want to change to the primary one.

First, open the system and select the standing area within the taskbar, after which click on the "Settings" icon.

Scroll down and click on "Advanced".

Scroll a bit of additional till you see accessibility, and then select "Always show accessibility option in" System menu "On.

) The subsequent time you open the system menu, the out there button is on the market. Click to open "Advanced View".

Click to enable one of many obtainable features of this menu. When you're unsure what a specific function does, however we've read you to learn the small print of each of those.

Text-to-Speech Features

Both features of this part focus on Google Text Speech (TTS) to use the engine to take content from an lively window and then learn it again to you. The Chromebook has a built-in display reader that lets them pay attention to their display.

ChromeVox: Chrome OS Display Reader

ChromeVox is a free display reader on any Chromebook that helps individuals with visual impairments with the Chrome OS. It is built solely for net applied sciences (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), making it a fast and versatile method to navigate to the Chrome OS. It is preinstalled on all the newest variations of Chrome OS, so that you just want to allow it and start studying it on the display.

You’ll be able to disable ChromeVox at any time by urgent Ctrl + Alt + z (Pay attention to the audio, learn the content from the present cursor position.) When you’ve got a pill with Chrome OS, maintain down the Volume Up + Volume Down keys for five seconds. You possibly can hear the ringtone and the ChromeVox bar

Some widespread abbreviations are:

  • Tab: Subsequent item to refine
  • Shift + tab: Previous item to specify
  • Search + H: Next title
  • Search + Change + H: Earlier title
  • Search + Down arrow: Next line
  • Search + Up arrow: Earlier line
  • Search + L: Next link
  • Search + Sh ift + L: Earlier link
  • Search + Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Proper: Subsequent word
  • Search + Ctrl + Shift + Arrow left: Previous phrase
  • Search + Ctrl + Left arrow: Go to prime Page
  • Search + Ctrl + Right arrow: Go to web page at the bottom

For an entire record of keyboard shortcuts from the Chromebook Assist web page for ChromeVox, or press Search +. (Time) when ChromeVox is enabled.

Disable ChromeVox, play hardware shortcut and Gong sounds, it’s essential to now be turned off

Choose "Have text, Read Fonetic with dial" to-talk

Select-to-talk works very similar to ChromeVox, however as an alternative of reading the complete web page, it reads only the text you have got chosen. When this is enabled, the System> Ease of Use> Select Converse menu icon appears subsequent to the taskbar.

When activated, click Converse. You need to hear:

  • Maintain down the search button + select line
  • Press and hold the search button + drag the mouse pointer over the world of ​​the display.
  • Spotlight Textual content and press Search + S.
  • On the taskbar, select the Choose-to-speak icon, after which choose a line of textual content or drag the pointer over the display space.
  • contact display: Contact to converse. Then faucet a line of text or drag your finger to one other area of ​​the display.

Select Speech, encompass the selected textual content with a pink border and spotlight the phrase you’re presently studying so you possibly can comply with it simply

You’ll be able to cease enjoying at any time while studying utilizing the Find button or Ctrl.

Changing Language and Audio Settings [19659013] When you don't like how TTS speaks for you, it's straightforward to change. You’ll be able to change his voice, pitch or tongue without damaging your emotions. Return to Settings> Handle Accessibility and click on Text to Speech in Text to Speech Settings

There are numerous Voice Change options to give TTS personal touch to your ear. You’ll be able to even change the language for engine playback

Show Features

Anybody who has hassle seeing what's on the display, Google has checked out you with a number of built-in instruments to make your display extra visible. Your Chromebook is provided with every little thing you want to make text simpler to read, or with a magnifying glass that magnifies all the things.

Preserves Textual content Studying Easier and Contrast Mode

High Contrast allows you to use your Chromebook with reversed colours designed to make it easier to learn textual content on the display. When it turns on, white turns black, black turns white, blue turns orange, orange turns blue, and so on.

You allow Excessive Contrast within the System> Accessibility> High Distinction menu. Status or press Ctrl + Search + H on the keyboard after which "Next".

Enlarge All Display Magnifier

The Chrome OS Magnifier incorporates two choices: Full Display Mode or Docked Magnifier. The whole display is a static extension that extends every thing on the display, while the docked model solely magnifies the world around the mouse pointer. Every mode can improve the magnification from 2X to 20X.

Here's a docked magnifying glass 2X zoom:

Warning: 20x magnification isn’t a joke, If you select it by mistake, you should use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Brightness to lower the magnifying glass down (F6) or Ctrl + Alt + scroll with two fingers on the contact pad.

Modify Other Settings Show [AccessibilityMenuSequenceDisplaySettingsOneWhiteConfigureScreenScreenOfAccessAccessLightControlsHigh-Quantity-DeployedLightLightheactivatedhighlight

Access Accessibility Settings, by going to the system menu -> Accessibility -> then into the set of settings. Click the button "Manage accessibility features."

In Display Settings, click on "Open Display Device Settings."

Inside Can Easily remove display, resolution, path, or night time mild, blue mild, and display extra easily in your eyes at night time.

When the display text is troublesome to read Or straighten your eyes, you possibly can change the font measurement and elegance within the Chrome OS. Just click on accessibility choices and select "Open Appearance Settings" in the "View" part.

It redirects you to the App App format On the backside of the part, choose font measurement, font, or add web page zoom to see more easily.

Keyboard and text input

Keyboard and textual content input embrace sticky keys – a function that permits consecutive keyboard shortcuts – display keyboard and text dictation (say-type). When you use your keyboard to browse the Chrome OS and browse the Net, you should use highlighting features that point out that the Navigation focus display is enabled. ] The Sticky Keys function is right for individuals who have hassle pressing multiple button at a time. It remembers every button, so the finger presses the command of the second button. It facilitates your fingers, pushes several buttons simultaneously and takes time and pushes them within the sequence with one finger. For instance, if you’d like to take a screenshot as an alternative of Ctrl + []] concurrently, you’ll be able to concurrently press the first Ctrl key and then []]].

If enabled, a field with the current "hang" key and an inventory of different obtainable keys will seem in the higher left corner. Press the key a second time to lock what you possibly can enter into multiple commands with out having to press them again, by underlining. Press the key to cancel the third key canceled

Digital Keyboard Diagram

When enabled, the keyboard icon and clock are displayed subsequent to the notification space, click on on the keyboard, or click on any text field on the keyboard.

A number of nice features that embrace handwritten text input with the on-screen keyboard The window mode is a function that allows you to unlock the keyboard display and conversation at the bottom of the textual content

Should you don't see these choices , click on it Arrow key on the left aspect of the keyboard and you ought to be on the adjacent bar

Dictate your ideas within the textual content subject that speaks the text

If you don’t want to activate the on-screen keyboard with the language of your Chrome operating system It additionally has an unbiased accessibility function that’s characteristic of the dictation perform. After you will have entered the spoken language textual content field in the accessibility bar of the system bar, the microphone icon seems on the shelf next to the clock.

Click on the icon to take away the dictation function and the whole lot you say

Observe: The whole lot you say while listening and despatched to Google to work properly. In the event you don't want Google to have a document that doesn't dictate your phrases. When browsing, it might be troublesome to see precisely the place the main target is, each small dotted line surrounding the factor is missing. If you’d like to enable it, select "Highlight an item with a keyboard, if there are changes," around the focus on the orange frames. Nicely, every time you press Tab to bounce between web page links, you don't have to scan all the page to refine.

Choose a textual content cursor when it’s Location modifications

This perform works identical to above, but as an alternative a keyboard focus. It highlights the caret & # 39; s flashing vertical line that opens if you click on a textual content box when it is displayed or moved. Once you click on or write a textual content field, the blue aura surrounds the caret characters.

Altering the Keyboard Gadget Settings

Limitations beneath the Keyboard and Text Entry Settings, is a submenu that allows you to change conduct by pressing the keys on the keyboard and the features of the buttons on the highest row.

Click "Open Keyboard" to choose Settings -> Handle Accessibility. Settings "to see an inventory of obtainable features.

This enables you to choose the top keys which are in the Home windows fashion" Function keys ", and examine if you’d like to play the keys in the event you proceed to push. between every output of the show

Mouse and Touchpad

Mouse and Touch Pad, Accessibility of focus is in cursor visibility and the way to work together with mouse / contact pad. These features make it easier for you to see the pointer, scale back the need to bodily click on your mouse and highlight the cursor while shifting.

Press Auto Clicks to Scale back Bodily Mouse

Remove This Mouse You will need to click the mouse / touchpad. If you stop the cursor, the timer begins and starts clicking if it stays immobile. You possibly can all the time set the timer to totally different time slots "Very Short (0.6s)" – "Very Long (4s)".

Transfer Mouse Pointer Measurement

Chrome OS Commonplace The mouse cursor is by far one of many heaviest issues to look for on the display, even for someone with a perfect 20/20 imaginative and prescient. Luckily, with these accessibility features, you’ll be able to change the pointer measurement to an virtually odd foam finger.

Spotlight your mouse cursor when its location modifications

What number of occasions have you been distracted by tilting the display desperately while making an attempt to find the cursor? We’re all responsible, and with this function you just want to move the pointer and the encompassing pink circle to make it simpler to see on the display.

] Superior Mouse and Touchpad Settings

There are a couple of different mouse and contact pad settings that permit you to customise access to a submenu.

Settings> Manage Accessibility and click "Open Mouse and Touchpad Device Settings" in "Mouse and Touchpad" to open the settings.

Inside you find the mouse button, flip the scroll path to change the mouse velocity. Then use the touch pad to allow touchpad velocity, faucet, tap, tap or tap double-tap, after which drag windows around to scroll and align.


Chrome OS gives quite a few audio-related features for spherical things. Enable mono mode to play all audio system with the identical sound or Chrome OS sound when it begins.

Repeat the same sound on all audio system

Numerous units use "stereo" – Mode to play sound from audio system / headphones with multiple channel (left and right). When you hear listening to with one ear or just pay attention to headphones with a headset / speaker, you’ll be able to simply take away the "mono" mode on your Chromebook in order that the same signal comes from all audio system.

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Play sound when Chrome OS begins

Simply as the title suggests. Once you start Chrome OS, the sound will ring, indicating it is ready to log in. You possibly can only allow this function in Settings> Ease of Access> Handle Accessibility.

The Chrome working system does a superb job of buying all individuals, no matter whether you should use a normal pc. With this complete listing of accessibility features, it is straightforward to add any quantity to your laptop so that it may be tailor-made to your particular person needs.


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