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Guide to Accessibility Features for a Chromebook

Guide to Accessibility Features for a Chromebook

If it's arduous to read text, see particular colors, or do things on the display, Chrome OS has accessibility options for seams that may allow you to. You possibly can manage them individually from the menu system or from the Settings software utilized in on a regular basis life.

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Studying accessibility options

The simplest approach to enable / disable a function with out opening an software Settings every time are instantly from the menu system. That is turned off by default, so you need to first change.

First, click on the clock to open the menu system and notification platform, and then click the Settings icon.

Browse on the backside and click on "Advanced".

Scrolls a little longer till the Accessibility part appears, and then "Always show availability settings from system menu" to On.

The subsequent time you open the system menu, the Availability button is on the market. You possibly can open it by clicking on it

You’ll be able to activate them by clicking on any function obtainable on this menu. Should you're unsure what a specific function does, however we've coated you – read extra about what each of them does.

Text-to-Speech Features [19659011] Both on this part are targeted on utilizing Google Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine to take content material from an lively window and skim it again to you. Chromebooks embrace a free built-in display reader that allows you to hear the knowledge on the display.

ChromeVox: Chrome OS Display Reader

ChromeVox is a free TV reader for each Chromebook that helps individuals with visual impairments use Chrome OS. It is constructed solely for net know-how (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), making it a quick and versatile method to navigate to the Chrome OS. It’s pre-installed on all current variations of Chrome OS, so you just want to flip it on and begin reading it all on the display.

You’ll be able to enable ChromeVox at any time by urgent Ctrl + Alt + z. You possibly can hear the contents of the reader from the current cursor position. In case you are using a pill with Chrome OS, maintain down the Volume Up Quantity Down button for 5 seconds. You’ll hear the clock sound and a ChromeVox bar will seem at the prime of the display to indicate that it is enabled.

Some widespread shortcuts are:

  • Tab: Subsequent tab index values ​​
  • Shift + tab: Previous tab index values ​​
  • Search + H: Subsequent header
  • Search + Shift + H : Earlier title
  • Search + Down arrow: Subsequent line
  • Search + Arrow up: Previous line
  • Search + L: Next hyperlink
  • Search + Change + L: Earlier hyperlink
  • Search + Ctrl + Shift + right arrow: Subsequent phrase
  • Search + Ctrl + Shift + left arrow: Previous words
  • Search + Ctrl + Left arrow: Go to prime of page
  • Search + Ctrl + right arrow: Go to bottom of web page

For a full listing of keyboard shortcuts, see the Chromebook Assist page on ChromeVox or press Search +. (part) when ChromeVox is enabled.

If you’d like to disable ChromeVox, repeat the hardware shortcut and signal, notify it now.

Select the text you want to learn high whenever you want to select a call

Whenever you converse, choosing works the identical as ChromeVox, but as an alternative of studying all of the pages, it reads solely the text you have got chosen. When enabled within the System> Accessibility> Select Converse menu, the icon subsequent to it appears on the taskbar.

When enabled, select the textual content you want. you need to hear:

  • Maintain down the search button + select line
  • Press and maintain the Search key + drag the pointer over the world of ​​the display.
  • Select text and press Search + S.
  • Select the desired speech icon from the taskbar, then choose a textual content line or drag the pointer over the display space. Touch a line of textual content or drag your finger to the display

– Choosing a beam surrounds highlighted text on the pink border and emphasizes a phrase that is presently readable so you’ll be able to easily comply with the sound. [19659002]

You’ll be able to cease talking at any time, even if it was handled both by pressing or Ctrl.

Altering Language or Audio Settings

Should you don't like how TTS speaks to you, it's straightforward to change. You possibly can change your voice, pitch or language with out damaging their emotions. Go to Settings> Handle Accessibility Features and click Textual content to Speech Settings beneath Textual content Voice Settings.

Inside you will see that numerous voice change options to give your TTS a personal contact to your ear. You can even change the synthesis of playback

Har display

For anyone who has hassle seeing what's on the display, Google has coated a number of instruments to enhance the display's visibility. Whether it's simpler to read text, or a magnifying glass that provides any measurement, your Chromebook is all-in-one

Text for straightforward studying with high contrast

Excessive contrast allows you to use your Chromebook with reversed colours designed to assist you read textual content on the display. When activated, white turns black, black turns white, blue turns orange, orange turns blue, and so on.

You possibly can enable high contrast mode in the System menu> Accessibility> Excessive distinction mode or press Ctrl + Search + T and then "Continue".

Improve the dimensions of the display magnifier

The display magnification window has two options: full display or docked magnifier. The entire display is a static magnification that increases the display measurement, whereas the dock version only increases the world across the mouse pointer. Each mode can enlarge from 2X to 20X. You’ll be able to activate both options from the System menu> Availability.

Listed here are the totally different magnifications with 2x zoom:

Warning: 20x magnification just isn’t a joke. If you select it incorrectly, you possibly can scale back the magnification by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Brightness down (F6) or Ctrl + Alt + by scrolling with two fingers on the TouchPad.

Adjusting the Superior Display Settings

There are other views obtainable The Accessibility menu choice that allows you to modify your display – decision – make every little thing on the display look greater and extra snug to see and regulate the blue hue in your eyes at night time with a few additional show settings.

You’ll be able to set the Accessibility setting by clicking the System menu> Accessibility> Settings. From there, click on "Manage accessibility features."

In the View pane, click "Open Device Display Settings."

Inside, you’ll be able to set the decision, path, or nightlight of the display – to take away blue mild and make your eyes easier at night time.

If the display text is troublesome to learn or ignite, you possibly can change the dimensions and elegance of the Chrome OS font. Just go to Accessibility settings and click on "Open Appearance Settings" in the Display section.

It directs you to the Look section of the Settings app. On the backside of the part, you possibly can choose a font, measurement, custom font, or add page zoom to make it easier to see.

Keyboard and text input

Keyboards and text inputs include sluggish keys – a perform that permits successive keyboard shortcuts – on-screen keyboard and text-to-speech dictation (talk-to-type). For those who use the keyboard to browse the Chrome working system and browse the Net, you’ll be able to highlight navigation-focused options on the display.

Using Burst for Keyboard Shortcuts

The Sluggish Key Perform is right for people who have a drawback pressing multiple key at a time. It remembers every button that allows you to take away your fingers from pressing additional keys as a command. It releases your fingers with out having to press a number of keys concurrently and takes time to drive them one by one. For instance, if you need to take a screenshot as an alternative of pressing Ctrl + []]]] simultaneously, you’ll be able to press them tandem – first Ctrl and then []]].

When this is enabled, the display will seem in the upper left corner with the current "stuck" and a record of different buttons. Pressing the button a second time locks it, allowing you to key in multiple commands with out urgent them again, which is marked with an underscore. Press the key for the third time to cancel the fastened key

The bodily keyboard of the display keyboard

When enabled, the keyboard is displayed next to the notification area and clock. Click it to convey up the keyboard, or click any area textual content to convey up the keyboard. function that permits you to take away the keyboard from the bottom of the display – and converse to the text

In the event you don't see these options, click on the arrow icon to the left of the keyboard and they need to

Say your ideas anyplace textual content in the textual content

In case you don't want to put on-screen keyboards into speech, Chrome OS is oc so unbiased access is particularly for dictation. If you allow dialog text within the Accessibility part of the system platform, the microphone icon appears on the shelf next to the clock.

Click on the icon to activate the dictation and every part you say will enter the text area.

Word: All you say when you’re listening is shipped to Google to work correctly. When you don't want Google to report the whole lot you say, don't use dictation.

Choose an object when utilizing navigation together with your keyboard

If you use the keyboard to browse the Chrome working system or browse the Internet, it might be troublesome to see precisely what they are specializing in, missing each small dotted line surrounding the component. You’ll be able to "select items with a keyboard focus when it changes" to show the orange circumference across the deliberate focus. Now that you simply press Tab to bounce between web page links, you don't have to analyze all the web page to find the main target.

Mark the cursor when its location modifications

This perform works the identical as above however as an alternative of specializing in the keyboard. It highlights the textual content cap – a blinking vertical line that seems once you click a text box – when it’s displayed or moved. If you click on or begin typing in a text subject, the blue aura surrounds the hat

Altering the Gadget Keyboard Settings

The Accessibility Keyboard and Textual content Enter section has a submenu that

Click on "Open to open a list of available features keyboard settings "by clicking" Open Keyboard Settings ".

Right here you possibly can change the top row of the "Function keys" buttons in Home windows type and enable if you would like the keys to repeat when you maintain it down. You can even set the delay and playback speeds between the outputs of each character on the display.

Mouse and Contact Pad

Availability of mouse and touch pad focuses on cursor visibility and how to work together with mouse / touch pad. These features provide help to to level the pointer more simply, scale back the need to bodily click with the mouse and mark the cursor whereas shifting.

Scale back Physical Mouse Button with Auto Click

This function removes the necessity to click the mouse / contact pad. If you cease the cursor, the timer begins and begins clicking if it stays intact. You possibly can set the timer for totally different ranges starting from "very short (0.6 s)" to "very long (4s)."

mouse pointer is straightforward to discover with mouse pointer measurement [19659013] Chrome OS default mouse is by far one of the crucial challenging issues to find on the display, even for anyone with a good 20/20 imaginative and prescient. Thankfully, with this accessibility function, you’ll be able to resize your mouse pointer to virtually the comedian foam measurement.

Mark your mouse pointer when its location modifications

How many occasions have you turned the mouse desperately on the display, desperately making an attempt to discover your character? We've all been guilty of it, and that's why you simply want to move the pointer and the encompassing pink circle to make it simpler to see on the display.

Further Mouse and Contact Pad System Settings

Are there different mouse and contact pad settings that you should use within the submenu to additional edit them.

Select Settings> Manage Accessibility Instruments and Mouse and Touchpad Elements.

Inside you’ll discover a mouse-click mouse, a reverse scroll path, a change in mouse velocity, after which you possibly can change the contact pad velocity, contact point-and-click, or double-tap to faucet the touchpad and then pulling within the course of the window and scroll


Chrome OS offers a couple of audio-related tools for spherical things. You’ll be able to allow mono mode so that each one audio system play the same sound, or that the Chrome OS performs the sound when it is turned on.

Repeat the same sound by way of all audio system

Most units use Stereo mode to play sound from audio system / headphones on multiple channel (left and proper). For those who hear the headset with one ear or pay attention only with the headset / speaker, you’ll be able to simply change to the "mono" mode of your Chromebook, so the identical sound comes from all audio system.

Translate Chromebook to "Mono" (so you should use headphones)

Play sound when Chrome OS starts

Because the title suggests. Whenever you begin your Chrome OS, you hear a voice saying it's prepared to sign up. You possibly can only enable this function in Settings> Ease of Entry> Manage Accessibility Features.

The Chrome working system does a good job of masking every thing, regardless of being able to use a regular pc. With this complete record of accessibility features, it is straightforward to add numbers to a laptop that fits your particular person needs.


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