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Eufy RoboVac 11S Max Review: Extra suction at a reasonable price

Eufy RoboVac 11S Max Review: Extra suction at a reasonable price

7.5 / 10

  • 1 – utterly scorching particles
  • 2 – black debris
  • three – closely faulty design
  • 4 – some advantages, plenty of disadvantages
  • 5 – acceptable imperfect
  • 6 – ok to buy
  • ] 7 – good however not the perfect class
  • eight – incredible with some footnotes
  • 9 – Shut Up And Take Cash
  • 10 – Absolute Design Nirvana

Price: $ 270

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Aspect view of RoboVac 11S Max.

We love Eufy's robotic vacuum cleaner. They are reasonably priced, efficient and straightforward to use. Eufy's new automated vacuum, RoboVac 11S Max ($ 270 retail, $ 199), is not any exception. After it has labored, it’s clear that the 11S Max sucks – in a great way

Right here's what we like

  • Good suction power
  • Good at cleansing angles
  • The schedule is straightforward to program
  • ] Intuitive distant management
  • Good for Animal House owners
  • Upstairs Cleanup Detection

And What We Don't Do

  • $ 270 That Must be Smarthome Integration
  • Not Suitable with Boundaries
  • No Map Mode

Eufy (Anchor Enlargement for Laptop computer Battery ) has been within the robot vacuum cleaner for a while. Its function is to sell a nonsense, reliable robotic vacuum cleaner that can start cleaning instantly from the box. RoboVac 11S Max is by its identify an up to date version of the RoboVac 11S commonplace

But the variations between 11 and 11S Max are little and far. Although the usual 11S has a suction power of 1,300 Pa, the 11S Max is 2,000 Pa suction energy (Pascal is a measure of drive or strain). The 11S has a dust bag filter, and the 11S Max has a washable mud filter. In addition to the $ 40 price improve, slightly bigger rubbish can only be a major improve.

Thanks to those upgrades, 11S Max is a rewarding mid-range robotic vacuum cleaner? And is it really value $ 40 greater than an unusual 11S? Here is our experience

Easy set up and simple remote management

The introduction of RoboVac 11S Max is a youngsters's recreation. Its a modest package deal that is straightforward to get by way of and every thing is prepared. It has a remote management, a charging station, two pairs of angle brushes (defective weapons in vacuum), a researcher, a brush, and packing cables to keep all unfastened TV or USB cables on the ground (vacuum can get caught)

In the event you read the RoboVac Quick Begin Guide, you'll see that it’s straightforward to install. It was really easy that I passed the directions and was still in RoboVac's operation in about two minutes. I didn't even put the batteries within the distant management or plugged in the charger despite the fact that Eufy recommends charging the vacuum before the primary cycle. I feel I received a little excited

the front and back of the RoboVac distant control. There’s a useful icon on the back so that you don't have to remember the guide.

The primary reaction to the distant was doubtful. Remote controls are sometimes cumbersome and intuitive, and I couldn't consider all of the robotic vacuum cleaners (together with the Eufy C vacuum cleaner) that may be controlled by the telephone. However, as it seems, the remote management is nice. It's straightforward to use, has a handy back button and intuitive buttons

Technically, you don't even want a distant management. Whenever you take away RoboVac from the charger and lie down on the carpet, you possibly can turn on automated cleaning by clicking the facility button. Nevertheless, it is best to use the distant management because it supplies entry to many other cleansing modes. Are you able to inform RoboVac to concentrate on room edges, discover a clean space or return to your iPod. You can even set the vacuum cleaner on a every day cleansing schedule or manually management it with a few buttons.

Small vacuum cleaner with high suction

RoboVac 11S Max is sort of good for sucking. It provides 2,000 Pa (Pascal) suction energy, which is nearly double the facility of the usual 11S. Nevertheless it's still much less suction than a traditional vacuum cleaner, which often drives about 20,000 a yr, so how effective is 11S?

11S Max has three totally different suction modes. "Standard" mode, a high-power "Max" mode and "BoostIQ" mode, which routinely adjusts the suction energy of purity and construction of the floor, in response to

I have not often seen RoboVac 11S Max's maximum energy mode, which is sweet with me. Even in normal mode, the 11S Max appears to have a suction energy of a full-size vacuum cleaner. It picks crumbs, cat hair, dust, lifeless leaves, and leaves pretty good "vacuum" marks on the carpet. In my house there’s all the time a disgusting quantity of cat hair (sufficient to build a new cat) that is appreciated.

One way or the other it does all this with out doing a racket. With up to 11S Max's enhanced suction energy, it produces solely about 60 db noise (some of that are in all probability absorbed by the mat). I tried to make use of it whereas watching TV, and it is hardly a distraction. Nevertheless, its "suction" mode "Max" is a bit onerous, nevertheless it not often goes into "Max" mode.

RoboVac Base. Every little thing is obvious and the garbage may be quite giant.

But what I respect about RoboVac is its brush-like brushes. These brushes are expected to win the filth and mud from the sides of the partitions and furnishings, they usually do a good job. I didn't understand how a lot a nasty crap was lacking in my full-size vacuum. If anything, I might recommend RoboVac only for its means to wash the corners – it's a luxury.

Watch how RoboVac works if you use it for the first time. It removes a number of the magic, however you must make sure that there isn’t a unusual obstacle. If RoboVac runs on a unfastened USB cable, a funky carpet, or stacks, it's troublesome to handle the state of affairs. And even when RoboVac turns off mechanically if it sticks to something, it is better to avoid the problem first

It cleans the ground by supporting the whole lot

Some robotic vacuum cleaners are constructed on "mapping" know-how. They use the radio or flyer to understand how the room is formed and then use this info to make cleansing as efficient as attainable.

RoboVac 11S Max shouldn’t be that high-tech. As an alternative of blindly operating, it crashes into all the things till the 100 minute battery is empty. A method is a little irritating to look at. When RoboVac happens to overlook a place, I simply need to remind myself that it’ll ultimately be. I also want to recollect myself that room mapping know-how is dear and that a more environment friendly cleansing type in all probability isn't value $ 100 to $ 200.

It is now clear that RoboVac makes full use of its cumbersome cleaning technique. When it hits the wall, it tries to run alongside the wall and cleans its nook. In relation to the ft of the table, it skirts around looking for hidden dust and particles. It additionally is aware of the right way to keep away from the hazard and speak about it.

I attempted to push RoboVac down the steps

I stay on two floors, and once I take RoboVac upstairs, I came throughout an fascinating concept. RoboVac has no limits, so what's stopping it from falling down the steps? It collides with partitions and furniture as a clumsy fool – do you deal with the chest with the identical stupidity?

So, like all good residents, I tried to trick RoboVacia down the stairs. I am not ashamed to confess this because all the good achievements of mankind come to life's value. In Voltaire's words, "When his altitude sends a ship to Egypt, he has problems with his boss if the mice are happy or not?"

RoboVac approaches its potential fall.

The outcome continues to be stunned by the result of my experiment. When RoboVac goes into automated mode, it stops, turns and continues to wash as if nothing had happened. RoboVac refuses to drop the steps by hand, regardless of how onerous you press the entrance button on the distant control.

In more detail, it’s clear that RoboVac has a downstream IR sensor that have to be a border detector. I actually recognize this design choice. I can drive a robot vacuum cleaner upstairs despite the results. However at the identical time I’m not positive that it’ll overcome the shortage of borderline compatibility. Some rooms or elements of the home (kitchen, yarn and fabrics, and so on.) may be harmful to RoboVac. Because it has a built-in timer for uncontrolled use, it is just logical to include boundary zones to help this uncontrolled use.

Service is Wind

Like several vacuum, RoboVac must be cleaned commonly. Eufy suggests that you simply clear the contents and replica the animal hairs after every use. But don't fear, RoboVac is far simpler to wash than a full measurement vacuum cleaner

The dust bag is straightforward to take away from RoboVac 11S Max and incorporates a small washable mud filter (improve from commonplace 11S). Though these elements do not must be washed in all purposes, I rinse them regularly. Vacuum can degrade shortly if not treated, and I don't need to take the prospect with RoboVac

RoboVac additionally carries out cleansing needs sometimes, particularly if in case you have pets. Luckily, these brushes are straightforward to take away, and RoboVac has a useful cleansing gadget that makes pet hair removing straightforward. This device may also be used to wash the vacuum wheels, but my experience is that the hairs of the animals don’t get an excessive amount of on the wheels.

RoboVac angle brushes don't need much consideration. They simply do. Eufy throws an extra pair of those corner brushes with RoboVac, and they are very low cost at Amazon, in order that they really don't have to worry.

Some Complaints

RoboVac 11S Max is tough to complain about. It really works nicely, it's straightforward to use, straightforward to wash, and doesn't fall down the stairs. I solely have three complaints and, frankly, I feel a little foolish to seek out something to choose from.

$ 270, that is a massive vacuum. I feel it is reasonably priced. But ought to any robotic vacuum cleaner (especially the $ 270 robotic vacuum cleaner) use the appliance and sensible integration? The remote control works high-quality, don't misunderstand me however all the things can be easier and quicker on my telephone. Plus, intelligent integration, I can management RoboVac with voice commands or my own routines. It simply seems like a mysterious absentee, and although it isn’t a breaker for me, it can be some breaker for others. Additionally it is value noting that the C-line of the Eufy vacuum cleaner has clever integration at virtually the same price, but they do not have virtually the identical suction energy (1300 Pa) as RoboVac 11S Max (2000 Pa). 19659058] See 11S Max Infrared Sensor. This keeps it from falling down the stairs.

It's additionally a mapping of the room. Some robotic vacuum cleaners that use radar or lidaria to map the room in 3D, which makes cleaning more efficient. And although I don't care concerning the RoboVac 11S Max blind cleansing technique, I feel like it is losing power by grabbing the partitions as an alternative of seeing them in the room. It is a minor grievance (particularly as the room mapping technique would double RoboVac price), but its 100 minute battery life RoboVac would profit from a more efficient cleaning technique

. lack of bounding strips. They don’t seem to be mandatory – RoboVac 11S Max doesn’t fall from the steps, however I might nonetheless like to remain out of some rooms without closing the door. And it isn’t as I can only buy bands as a result of 11S Max can’t help them at all.

RoboVac 11S Max is a good vacuum. I might be completely happy to recommend it to anyone, mainly about their ease of use and the power to wash the corners. Due to its price, it is among the greatest robotic vacuum cleaners that may be purchased for money, even when it isn’t sensible.

Still, 11S Max isn’t very totally different from bizarre 11S. The extra suction and wash filters are value $ 40 and $ 199 pr 11S Max, which makes it double. When the pricing interval ends on June 24th, you might have to maintain an eye fixed out for all 11S bids – test it out.

Score: 7.5 / 10
Price: $ 270

Buy from Amazon

Right here's What We Like

  • Good Suction Power
  • Good within the Corner
  • The Schedule is Straightforward to Program
  • Intuitive Distant [19659003] Good for Animal House owners
  • Appropriate for Animal House owners
  • Higher Flooring Cleaning

And What We Don't

  • $ 270 That Ought to be Smarthome Integration
  • Not Suitable with Boundary Strips
  • Not Map Mode

Not Map Mode