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Copy the files with the Linux "install" command Installing

Copy the files with the Linux "install" command


is a flexible file copying command for Linux and MacOS. It’s the good efficiency for the consumer. Learn this article to learn how it works smarter and never more durable.

Wait – is it not a software program installation?

The set up command is usually a deceptive identify for any Linux command. It actually makes the software program installation. In case you are making an attempt to install the software package deal from the command line Ubuntu or different Debian-based distribution, use the apt-get command. In other Linux distributions, nevertheless, using Linux distribution is a package deal administration device – for instance, in dnf Fedora or zypper is openSUSE.

So what’s the set up?

Briefly set up and combine the parts cp (copy), chown (change owner), chmod (change type), mkdir (character library), and tapes (tape identifiers). This allows you to use the features of all features with one perform.

Set up command:

  • Copying files resembling cp command
  • Choosing whether you need to substitute present files.
  • Set consumer rights flags, reminiscent of the chmod command.
  • Set the file proprietor, corresponding to the chown command.

Despite all the features, the set up command does not have too many options.

When You Use It

The installation command is unlikely for use each day. It is helpful, however solely in sure situations. A state of affairs the place set up comes into your personal software improvement. Suppose you program a new program. You must check outdoors the setting. You can do this by copying the new program files to the check folder. The index check have to be achieved and you should have the essential permissions and possession of the files.

As a result of improvement is an iterative activity, you are able to do this in lots of many occasions in the order of operations. The installation command does all the onerous be just right for you. Finally, when the new device is prepared for use, you possibly can install it to copy it to the ultimate office with the applicable rights.


The programmer works with a brand new program referred to as ana. It consists of an executable binary file and a database. After the check, it have to be copied to / usr / native / bin to be out there to all Linux system customers. You should exchange the files and paths of our instance once you install files and paths in your pc.

Before it is prepared for launch, it’s examined in the ~ / check / ana folder. Geek Group members have read and completed their rights. Different users have learn and executed entry rights. The installation command uses the similar numeric display as chmod. Our programmer has determined that the rights have to be set:

  • Owner: Read, write and execute.
  • Group: Read and Run
  • Different: Run Solely.

Utilizing the Setup Configuration

] Fictional programmer work folder ~ / work. He has written for the program, compiled and produced a binary referred to as ana. It has already been made out of a database file that ana works with Tag.db. So both files are prepared for testing. Let's take a look at them:

ls -l ana Tag.db

He has simply written ana utility to create anagrams from a command line assertion. Control testing could be very easy

Our programmer has referred to the ana expression "biscuit" and the whole lot seems good. He now needs to copy these two files to the ~ / check / ana folder to see if the new options of the utility are right for the setting. He provides the following command:

install-D-ana Words.db -t ~ / check / ana

Options used on the command line:

  • D: Create folders, including older folders if mandatory .
  • v: An expanded record of every listing as it is created, and everyone copies the file when it is executed. see that the installation will make a ~ / check directory and then create a ~ / check / ana directory. Files are displayed in a method when copied to the destination folder

    The listing of ~ / check / ana files confirms that they have been copied appropriately.

    ls -l

    The subsequent step is to check the ana utility by calling the ~ / check / ana directory.

    This system works as anticipated, it's nice. Nevertheless, the rights are usually not right. The requirement is to require members of the Geek Group to read and execute entry rights and to carry out other users only.

    We both handle these problems very easily with the following command. Word the use of sudo for a command with rights. -O -g and settings require this. We are prompted for a password once we give the command.

    sudo set up -b -S .bak-o-Dave -g Geek -m 751 ana Words.db -t ~ / check / ana

    • -b (backup) backups files before they’re changed.
    • -S (suffix) choice specifies the terminal for backup files. When you don't give a ~ (tilde) suffix, will probably be used. We ask for the installation to use the .bak terminal.
    • We specify the owner -o (owner) of the Dave file.
    • -g (group) choice requires a gaggle identify. This can develop into the proprietor of the files. The group we are going to use is known as Geek. The
    • -m (mode) setting specifies the state of the files utilizing the regular chmod numeric syntax.

    We don't want to use the Create -D folders anymore choice because we know that the check directory already exists, but in addition the -v (verbose) choice. Listing of files in the ~ / check / ana listing displaying file info:

    ls -l

    This confirms that each one requirements are met.

    • Files are
    • Permissions are set.
    • Dave is the file owner
    • The Geek group is the owner of two files.
    • Backup is constructed from every file referred to as ana.bak and Words.db.bak.

    All this was achieved with the command.

    Our programmer makes remaining modifications to the program and translates it again. The modified files have to be copied to the ~ / check / ana directory in the ~ / work directory. We will do that using the -C (examine) choice. If the supply file and the vacation spot file are created, the source file won’t be copied.

    set up sudo -C -b -S .bak-o-dave -g Geek -m 751 ana Words.db -t ~ / check / ana

    Record of files in the target folder exhibits that the file measurement of the ana file has modified. It is bigger than the ana.bak file. Ana's timestamp has also changed. These modifications are as a result of the incontrovertible fact that the new model of the file has been copied right here.

    ls -l