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Anne Frank Day: "Remember and Take"

Anne Frank Day: "Remember and Take"

Why so many individuals – particularly youngsters and adolescents – are curious about Anne Frank, says Patrick Siegeleen, director of Anne Frank in Berlin, in a DW interview.

Deutsche Welle: Why Anne is the center of Frank in Berlin, not in Frankfurt, Anne Frank's birthplace

Patrick Siegele: There’s also a coaching place in Frankfurt am Major, and right here in the German capital, in the midst of the German companion group Anne Frank Home. Amsterdam. It was a choice made after the mid-1990s when Anne Frank's home in Amsterdam was supported by a corporation in Berlin that promotes the reminiscence of Anne Frank and the new Länder

. Anne Frank's theme and anti-Semitic work from the start have been anchored within the so-called new federal states?

It was this unique concept and it came from Amsterdam. Right here have been the citizens' initiatives that had taken place in flip, individuals who had been concerned within the broadest sense of the monument. Bringing the thought of ​​establishing a hub to a hard and fast location.

In the middle of Berlin, there’s the middle of Anne Frank, which shouldn’t be missed within the huge picture


It’s typically stated that because of the friendship of the Arab nations, there isn’t any place within the DDR for the reminiscences of Jewish victims. You’ll be able to't say so sweeping. Anne Frank is an effective instance of this. The premiere of the 1956 drama "Anne Frank's Diary" was held in Dresden and West Berlin. Anne Frank's faculties even have Anne Frank and Brigades. Anne Frank additionally appeared in Japanese Germany as a memorial tradition, but she and her household have been pulled moderately than resistance fighters and Jewish id relatively than earlier than. However you knew him, and his diary has been within the GDR since 1957 and on a number of events.

What’s the mission of the Anne Frank Middle?

We summarize the phrases: Keep in mind and take. However, it have to be remembered that Anne Frank is a victim of Nazism and that it’s especially finished with youngsters and younger individuals. With exhibitions and an exhibition right here in the house, Anne Frank's Day. However, the query is all the time: What’s Anne Frank's story of coping with national socialism and the Holocaust immediately?

What can Anne Frank say to at this time's youngsters and adolescents?

Anne Frank and her diaries inform quite a bit about ourselves. Biographical learning is the best way that Anne Frank and the young individuals themselves produce. As a result of there are lots of similarities which are found, young individuals, comparable goals, comparable issues in on a regular basis life, comparable ideas, chances are you’ll be on the earth. But the distinction is that Anne Frank was denied a Jew, your proper to life, that you’ve been discriminated towards and have been diving.

This can be a very simple degree the place younger individuals can study one thing. Anne Frank it is advisable to know her diary, and in our exhibits you possibly can see Anne as a traditional teenager, as you’re. However your story exhibits where hatred through which anti-Semitism and marginalization can lead, and that Anne Frank has simply fallen into their id. She was not only a woman and a young person, a girlfriend and an excellent scholar – she was also a Jew and it was crucial to what happened to her and she had to die ultimately.

Exhibition in the middle of Berlin's Anne Frank

That is one who can understand younger individuals, perhaps even at present, that at present we try to scale back individuals only by belonging to a specific group, to create prejudices and stereotypes, and we don't see individuals themselves. Anne Frank writes in her diary: "When are we people and not just Jews?"

The query is in Interact, all the time the query: what can I do? Where are your recreation room rooms? At the moment, individuals had been ready too long. Many could not imagine the place this could lead. As a result of it was easier to defend your self or make modifications, you could have made individuals somewhat. And regularly, the actions of the room recreation persecution, but in addition nearly all of dictatorship, extra and more restricted.

Many young individuals and faculty species come right here?

In this solo present we now have around 10,000 young individuals or individuals every year serving within the curriculum. In complete, we rely about 35,000 visitors. Young individuals who get via our travel exhibition however still. They’re as soon as again 15,000 – 20,000 annually.

About two thirds of the visitors are usually not in German. We are speaking about our exhibition in Berlin, especially families. There are few providers for youngsters and younger individuals as a subject of national socialism and the Holocaust in Berlin. Though there are numerous monuments and exhibitions, however it’s extra directed at adults. This makes our exhibits engaging to households. And Anne Frank is internationally famend. His diary has been translated into 80 languages, and so many individuals have heard about Anne Frank. Not everybody can go to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank Home

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Nazi Operating

    In 1933, Anne Frank escaped her family from Nazi Germany to the Netherlands. In World Struggle II you must dive into the Nazis to escape. They reside for 2 years, hidden in a backyard in Amsterdam – till they are deceived: on August four, 1944, Anne Frank and her family have been detained and deported to Auschwitz.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Household Relationship

    Anne Frank (left left) was a three and a half yr older sister referred to as Margot (proper). His father, Otto Frank, took this photograph for the eighth anniversary of Margot in February 1934. Anne was 4 years previous and the family was already in exile within the Netherlands.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Hiding place in Amsterdam

    Otto Frank, the father of Anne, was in a position to absorb Amsterdam, a subsidiary of the corporate Opekta. When the Jewish persecution begins, the father behind the house, the office hides. 4 youngsters lived there between 1942 and 1944, and 4 continued. Right here Anne Frank wrote her world-famous diary. The Anne Frank Home (photograph) has been a museum since 1960.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Anne's Hiding Place

    The Anne Frank Home in Amsterdam and the guests see behind the house the place Anne hid together with her family. The young woman was months. his tight rooms, where the Jewish dentist Fritz Pfeffer shared, and he referred to as his identify in his diary, Albert Dussel. On the suitable aspect of the desk he wrote virtually day-after-day.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Diary Greatest Pal

    From the start, Anne writes in her diary virtually day by day. You must be a sort of girlfriend that provides you the identify Kitty. Anne's life in hiding is totally totally different from a worry-free time before: "like the best, what I can, what I think and feel, I write it down at least, otherwise I would enrich it fully," have to be learn.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Demise in Bergen-Belsen

    Anne Frank and her sister Margot are on October 30, 1944 from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen. On this concentration camp, over 70,000 individuals lost their lives. After the concentration was liberalized, camps beneath the control of British soldiers brought victims from lorries to mass graves. Here Anne and Margot Frank died of Typhus. Anne was solely 15 years previous.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Anne's Grave Stone

    Within the Bergen-Belsen, Anne's tombstone is. The Jewish woman in Frankfurt am Principal had imagined her life in a different way: “I don't need to stay in vain as most people do. I need to convey individuals round me and I don't really feel joy and profit. I need to proceed my life after dying, too – this is his diary. April 1944.

  • Who was Anne Frank?

    Anne's Dream

    Anne's dream was to be a journalist or author. Because of his father, his diary appears on June 25, 1947. Title: "Back from the house." There are lots of different publications and translations following. Anne Frank is a symbolic figure for the victims of the Nazi dictatorship. “We all live with the goal, be happy, we all live differently and still the same.” (Anne Frank, July 6, 1944)

    Writer / Writer: Iveta Ondruskova

Our exhibition is about Anne Frank and she builds a bridge of history to the current day. It comes immediately in reminiscence of anti-Semitic issues. What does it imply? We’re becoming a member of the exhibition, especially with youngsters and younger individuals, to make these questions themselves, to take part and to arrange one thing right here within the museum. It’s in the true sense of the phrase, an interactive exhibition that encourages participation.

They say it covers the present one. What about young individuals?

In fact, young individuals right here also cowl this story. We additionally give you the alternative to make exhibitions not left on the wall alone. Typically we work with museum instructors or historical past academics to contact young individuals in such matters or in the event you need help from somebody. Just persecution and escape it typically.

We have now also offered materials, "escape in life", the place we have now to cope with the Frank family's migration and fugitive history. As a result of too few individuals know that Otto Frank has additionally labored arduous to go away Amsterdam after the German military attacked in Might 1940, the Netherlands. Though he and his wife had kin in the USA and even worked for a while in New York, he did not get a visa for his household. Amongst other things, because they have been thought-about stateless individuals, the Nazis have disadvantaged foreigners of 1941 of their nationality. Later there was no American consulate in the Netherlands

All this meant that the family had no selection but to dive. There could also be comparable Escape stories at this time. However there are all the time variations, and it’s also essential, the particular state of affairs of the Frank household and the particular features of the Jewish persecution and working with the youth.

You’ll be able to't examine all the things, in fact, with systematically organized genocide, as a result of it was the Holocaust, where the state has worked with all its institutions, to destroy a minority except in Germany, but later additionally in Europe, which is not equated with in the present day's occasions, exclusion, discrimination and persecution . Speak to younger individuals about these differences to point out that we stay in a constitutional democracy and that it’s also necessary to keep it essential.

You've already talked about Anne Frank's Day. What Are The Particular Actions You Will Plan On The 90th Anniversary of Anne Frank's Birthday, June 12?

Anne Frank's Day is the third yr. But this yr, in fact, he is again notably essential as a result of it is 90th birthday. We’ve about 150-200 faculties collaborating this yr. This makes us very joyful. You must know, alone, there are lots of of Anne Frank faculties in Germany, which is the most typical faculty identify. Many of those faculties are pleased that there’s a yr, a concrete supply, as a result of faculties want a bit of on June 12th.

Visitors to the permanent exhibition "All About Anne"

What’s a suggestion?

This yr, in fact, is all underneath the "90-year-old Anne Frank" flag. Faculties obtain a six-piece poster with giant posters that tell the story of Anne Frank and can hold up all the faculties collaborating within the auditorium or hallway. All college students get so-called. Anne Frank magazine about Anne Frank's life, then a postcard and bookmark. The concept younger individuals ought to make themselves thoughts: The place do individuals at this time be discriminated towards due to faith or origin? Where can I watch myself? Why is it essential to remind Anne Frank at the moment? What does it say to me personally? Students can complete these cards and complement one another. More than 30,000 college students keep in mind this yr for Anne Frank.

How shut is the partnership with Anne Frank's home in Amsterdam?

We are a German associate organization in the Amsterdam House. The two leaders of the house sit on the board and type this degree, all our work. All larger and smaller tasks, we work with Anne Frank Home. We’ve got a joint production between the Berlin and Amsterdam Anne Frank Home network, for which we are organizing an annual international meeting. And naturally the new "All Anne" exhibition was a joint improvement with Anne Frank's home.

We’re in this exhibition, but in addition in very shut cooperation with the Anne Frank Fund in Basel, and we’ve got labored collectively. has given our exhibition when there are footage and objects. Though we’re a "partner" German associate organization, we are additionally working with the Frankfurt Coaching Middle, Basel Basel Fund and international companion organizations.

Patrick Siegele, born in 1974, has studied in Austria and the United Kingdom, in German philology and musicology. Since 2014, he’s the director of the Anne Frank Middle. From 2015 to 2017, he was co-ordinator of the Unbiased Anti-Semitic Skilled Group (commissioned by the German Bundestag). Siegele is a member of the Council for Democracy and Tolerance and a member of the Anti-Racism Forum

by Sabine Peschel.